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Why PEB ?

COST EFFECTIVENESS: 15 to 20% cheaper than a conventional method.

STRONG STEEL: Steel has the highest strength and weight ratio of any comparative building materials available in the world.

FAST CONSTRUCTION: Steel structures can be constructed within 30 days for an approximate area of 20000 sft either multi floor or single hall. Labour requires just around eight people to assemble and erect the entire steel structure.

DURABILITY: Steel will not shrink, twist, warp, rot or crack and when coated/treated it will resist rust and corrosion.

SAFETY: Steel is non-combustible i.e. it does not burn. Its melting point is at about 1300°C (2400°F) and boiling point at approximate 3000°C (5400°F) ultimately frames will deform but are unlikely to collapse during fire.

STABILITY: Designing of fastening between structures is through high quality bolts/studs together. Our steel buildings will stand up to natural calamities such as hurricanes, earthquakes, storms and better than buildings of other materials.

FLEXIBILITY: Buildings of steel can be easily renovated and altered for different uses.

ADAPTABILITY: Using assembly concept enhancements are unlimited for varying span lengths approximately up to 100 ft single span of in between column for multi floor.

HYGENIC: Mold and fungus do not grow on steel.

MAINTENANCE: A building built of steel is almost maintenance free.

INSECT PROOF: Termites, carpenter bee’s and other insects and pests cannot eat steel.

ECO FRIENDLY: Steel is the most recycled material in the world, and can be recycled repeatedly without loosing its strength or other properties. Steel is environmentally friendly as no forest lands will be destroyed.

CONSISTENCE: Steel is more consistent even in size than other building materials, which leads to labour savings, sleek and straight is more attractive buildings.

LOAD BEARING: Normally conventional RCC beam carries a load of 350 to 400 kgs/sqm and in steel structure the load bearing capacity is 65O to 700 kgs/sqm. Sustainable wind load is up to 145kmph.

TRANSPORT AND ERECTION: Steel structures can be built in congested and densely populated areas. Can be constructed

even in narrow/smaller roads very fast as we fabricate about 90% of entire steel structures in factory and only erection is at site.

FOOTING: If the SBC (soil bearing capacity) is low in conventional building method the depth/width of the foundation is to be increased. Whereas in steel structure method total weight of the structure itself is about 30% less. Footing foundation is very nominal and also the number of load bearing columns can be reduced. While constructing the adjacent buildings are also safe compared to conventional methods.

VALUE ADDITION: Buildings of steel have a higher resale value.


Example: The prices of new steel in 1979-80 was around Rs 4.50/kg. Presently in 2010-11 cost is around Rs 45/kg this shows an appreciation in value of 10 times.

Secondly the present metal scrap value is about Rs 25/kg. Even if the structure is sold after the usage of 30 years as a scrap, it would have appreciated approximately 4 to 5 times the present value.

If construction is done by conventional (RCC) method, further floors can be constructed by Steel Structure.